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Rubber Molding Services

Rubber Molding Services

Ames Rubber Manufacturing has been molding rubber since 1954 and has extensive experience in compression, transfer & injection molding. We can utilize existing tooling for currently manufactured parts, or assist you with newly designed parts to help determine the most cost effective solution to your molded rubber applications.

We utilize Association of Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM), formerly Rubber Manufacturer's Association (RMA) tolerances for all of our manufacturing processes unless otherwise stated. This ensures that our customers will receive parts that are produced to the rubber industry standard, whether it is non-critical, commercial, precision, or high precision.
Die Cutting Services

Die Cutting Services

Ames Rubber Manufacturing has over sixty years of experience in the manufacturing of precision die cut gaskets, seals, and other die cut rubber products for a wide range of industries and applications.

We understand our clients’ needs when it comes to custom gasket design and fabrication. Here are a few more reasons why people turn to us for die cut gaskets:
  • Cost-effective: We offer competitive prices and fast quoting.
  • Quick turn-around times: Our automatic die-cutting equipment enables us to create high volumes within a short amount of time.
  • Custom die cut gaskets: We can create custom-designed die cut gaskets according to your specifications.
  • Technical expertise: Our experienced staff is here to give ...
Lathe Cutting Services

Lathe Cutting Services

Ames Rubber Manufacturing is an industry leader in the production of precision tolerance lathe-cut gaskets, washers and seals. These seals can be made to custom dimensions with minimal tooling costs. Also known as square cut seals; they can be used in place of O-rings in almost any static seal application, giving superior sealing properties. Let Ames Rubber Manufacturing be your one stop solution for precision Lathe cut seals.

  • Maximum sealing surface compared to standard O-rings
  • No mold flash line, voids or non-fills in the seal
  • No concave edges or ("hour glassing") vs. die-cut products
  • Flat and parallel cut surfaces
  • Economical alternative to die cut or molded gaskets, washers and ...
Maimin Slitter

Sheet and Roll Slitting Services

When you need sheet or sponge rubber slit to produce rubber strips, let Ames Rubber Manufacturing provide the solution.

We stock thousands of feet of sheet rubber in a variety of polymers, in standard and non-standard thicknesses, from .015” up to 2.0” thick, and with a hardness range from 10A to 90A Durometer. The right equipment makes your decision process easier.
Waterjet Cutting Services

Waterjet Cutting Services

Waterjet cuts are made with an ultra-high pressure stream of either water, or garnet and water. The stream is computer numerically controlled (CNC) to precision cut almost any sheet rubber material that we stock.

While it has a longer cycle time and is subsequently more costly than standard die cutting, it is a proven way to provide complex parts when they are too thick for class A hardened tooling or standard steel rule dies, or when molded tooling is cost prohibitive for short runs.
Rubber Extrusion Services

Rubber Extrusion Services

Why Extrusion?
Extrusion is an excellent method of producing rubber when the desired end product can be run in continuous lengths of the same cross sectional profile.

Ames Rubber Manufacturing has a very versatile and wide range of extrusion capabilities. Small custom orders as well as large volume orders can be produced with a surprisingly short lead time. In fact, many standard O-ring cord orders can be shipped the same day they are received. Whether you require a custom profile with a specialized compound, or just some standard EPDM cable jacket, let Ames Rubber Manufacturing be your one stop solution for rubber extrusion.

Extruding can often be combined with other secondary fabrication processes such as: Cutting to ...
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