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Extruded Rubber Profiles for at Grade Railroad Crossings

Extruded Rubber Profiles for AT Grade Railroad Crossings

Offering precision manufacturing of large profile extruded rubber parts, Ames Rubber Manufacturing provides assistance to a number of American and international companies in the transportation industry. Our work in railroad crossing extrusions has led to high volume production of the large and complex profiles highlighted here.

A US transportation customer required extruded rubber tub, field, and gage profiles for railroad crossings at automotive and pedestrian intersections. These protect and support rail crossings as well as provide non-conductive insulation for transmission lines. We also ensured that this material would not only comply with industry standards, but also withstand the necessary tensile and elongation conditions ...
Molded Silicone Isolating Phase Bus Diaphragm

Molded Silicone Isolating Phase Bus Diaphragm

At Ames Rubber Manufacturing, we can produce extremely large and complex molded components such as this large rubber diaphragm for the Nuclear Power Transmission industry. This also includes our expertise in the reformulation of older compounds to meet today's stringent industrial and environmental standards.

A Nuclear Power Transmission Plant asked us to manufacture a low volume of molded flexible Phase Bus Diaphragms with a 41" outside diameter. They were designed for sealing and acting as a barrier along sections of an Isolated Phase Bus Assembly. We formulated a gray 70A Durometer Silicone for the job, per proprietary customer requirements.

The original Silicone compound was developed in the 1960’s but was reformulated by ...
Die Cutting of a Respirator Mask Exhalation Valve

Die Cutting of a Respirator Mask Exhalation Valve

At Ames Rubber Manufacturing, we specialize in working with unique materials, custom sized, and precision cut for use in a wide range of applications. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations with our high volume, precision die cutting capabilities.

In the project highlighted here, a manufacturer of Respirator Safety masks required an exhalation valve which is used in various respirator masks. Utilizing our Preco Series III M high-speed 4 post press, we produced a valve with .015" thickness, .125" ID, and 1.064" OD, along with tolerances as close as + .015". In order to prep the 40 Durometer Protein-Free Polyisoprene material for high speed kiss cutting, the Sheet Rubber & Gasketing was roll-slitted to the customer ...
Lathe Cut Electrical Transformer Gaskets for Power Transmission and Electrical Utilities

Lathe Cut Electrical Transformer Gaskets for Power Transmission and Electrical Utilities

At Ames Rubber Manufacturing, we are capable of producing precision seals in a wide range of types and sizes. The gaskets shown here are used in electrical transformers by a customer in the power transmission industry. The high grade nitrile rubber material is mixed in our compounding department to meet all customer specifications. The nitrile material was chosen for this application as a result of its resistance to transmission oil and long service life.

The custom mixed rubber is then extruded and cut to various sizes on our precision lathes. With multiple lathes and ring cutting machines, we are able to accommodate high volumes and a large product mix very efficiently. We produce numerous gasket sizes for this customer, with an ...
Custom Extruded Rubber Windshield Profiles for the Golf Cart and ATV Industry

Custom Extruded Rubber Windshield Profiles for the Golf Cart and ATV Industry

At Ames Rubber Manufacturing, we are able to create precision extrusions with complex profiles for a variety of sealing applications. The extrusions shown here are used by customers in the golf cart and ATV manufacturing industry to create a seal around the vehicle windshield. To create the extrusion, we start by custom mixing the ideal compound for this application. The compound is then extruded and cured under controlled conditions using an in-line salt bath to maintain the intended profile and preserve the cosmetic appearance of the part. An in-line guillotine cutting process is used to cut parts to length at the specified angle. With multiple hot and cold extrusion lines, as well as numerous types of secondary processing machinery at ...
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