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 All Categories    Custom Extruded Rubber Windshield Profiles for the Golf Cart and ATV Industry
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Custom Extruded Rubber Windshield Profiles for the Golf Cart and ATV Industry

At Ames Rubber Manufacturing, we are able to create precision extrusions with complex profiles for a variety of sealing applications. The extrusions shown here are used by customers in the golf cart and ATV manufacturing industry to create a seal around the vehicle windshield. To create the extrusion, we start by custom mixing the ideal compound for this application. The compound is then extruded and cured under controlled conditions using an in-line salt bath to maintain the intended profile and preserve the cosmetic appearance of the part. An in-line guillotine cutting process is used to cut parts to length at the specified angle. With multiple hot and cold extrusion lines, as well as numerous types of secondary processing machinery at our disposal, we are able to select the ideal manufacturing technique for a given application. This allows us to optimize cost and quality for a wide array of part types and profiles.

Due to the nature of the industry and application, these are seasonal parts. We are adept at ramping production up or down to efficiently accommodate changes in customer demand as needed. Various inspection procedures are performed throughout each stage of the manufacturing process to verify part conformance, including the measurement of precision tolerances at critical dimensions. After manufacturing, parts are boxed, palletized, and wrapped for shipment according to the customer’s specifications. The average lead time for these custom profile extrusions is five weeks or less after receipt of order. For additional details regarding this custom rubber extrusion project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Rubber Windshield Profiles Project Highlights

Project Name

Rubber Windshield Profiles

Project Description

Used for the golf cart and ATV industry.

Primary Capabilities/Processes Applied

Custom Rubber Extrusion Profiles

Secondary Capabilities/Processes Applied

Cutting Services

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

60" Rubber Mixing Mills
Cold Feed Extruders

HAV – Hot Air Vulcanization System

Hot Feed Extruders

Multiple in Line and Secondary custom Guillotine Cutting Systems

Salt Cure System - In-line salt bath cure

Steam Autoclave Curing System

Overall Part Dimensions

Multiple complex profiles

Tightest Tolerances

Customer specific critical dimensions particularly on radius and angles

Material Used

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

Material Color


Industry for Use

Golf Cart and ATV

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

Inspection is performed at all production centers


Varies per seasonal requirements


Boxed and pallet wrapped

Delivery/Turnaround Time

5 weeks or sooner after receipt of order

Delivery Location

Various locations in the United States

Standards Met

RMA Rubber Manufacturer’s Association Precision Tolerances


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·  Custom Extruded Rubber Windshield Profiles for the Golf Cart and ATV Industry-3

·  Custom Extruded Rubber Windshield Profiles for the Golf Cart and ATV Industry-4

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